Masha Ushomirsky

BioSurplus conducted an on-site equipment auction for us. Everyone from the upper management in California to the crew that conducted the auction in Cambridge, MA was incredibly professional, efficient and attentive to our needs. In spite of time constraints and a large number of items sold at the auction, the process was smooth and had a wide outreach. The help that the buyers received removing purchases from the premises was commendable. All and all, Merrimack is grateful for the impressive outcome of the auction. Thank you, Biosurplus!

  • Masha Ushomirsky, Lab Ops and Environmental Health and Safety, Merrimack
Ari Widjaja

BioSurplus is a great business partner who we trust to consign our laboratory equipment. The BioSurplus staff is always very helpful and professional throughout the process. They make it all so easy.

  • Ari Widjaja, Lab Operation Specialist, Research Operations, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Karen Mayo

I contacted BioSurplus to resell our old lab equipment and was very impressed with their review and valuation process. They managed the project to our complete satisfaction. I recommend BioSurplus to anyone who is interested in selling or purchasing specialized wet lab equipment.

  • Karen Mayo, VP, Purchasing, Space, and Risk Management. LA BioMed
David Cloutier

I feel I can speak for the entire Biogen Idec team that BioSurplus’ performance has been exceptional. and please pass on my thanks, for a job well done, to the entire BioSurplus staff.

  • David Cloutier, Global Category Manager, Engineering & Facilities, Biogen Idec
Asset Resale, Dharma Therapeutics

BioSurplus has been very good at maximizing value for our assets and I am glad I chose them to take care of things.

  • Greg Smith, Ph. D., Dharma Therapeutics, Inc.
FPLC Purchase, Drexel University

I had a great experience at BioSurplus. I started by looking for one type of FPLC system, which was not available, but they were able to point me to a different system that wast equivalent (or better!). They were very fair when negotiating the purchase price, and were also patient and persistent throughout the complicated process of generating a purchase order. The system was packed very well and shipped promptly. When questions arose about some aspects of the system after we received it, they were extremely reasonable and we were able to work through all the questions quickly and pleasantly (Note: this is particularly important when dealing with complex systems that have lots of components, because unless you have the luxury of seeing the system before buying, there are bound to be questions, surprises, etc. once the system arrives. Therefore, it pays to deal with reputable people who are willing to work with you in resolving any such questions). I would definitely work with BioSurplus again, and can recommend them wholeheartedly. Thanks to Jim and his crew!

  • Patrick Loll, Drexel University, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Graduate Program Director
Sarah Mishek ArgoNox Discoveries

As a first-time business owner in the biotech community, getting started was a daunting task. BioSurplus was essential in helping establish the foundations of my company and helping me source exactly what I needed, when I needed it. It is clear that BioSurplus puts their customers first, as they continue to help me navigate the complexities of running a lab on a budget. If you are looking for a partner, rather than just a supplier, I highly recommend BioSurplus.

  • Sarah Mishek, Founder/CEO ArgoNox Discoveries