Used Sepragen Quantasep 1000

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QuantaSep®1000 is a fully integrated and completely automated chromatography system capable of flow rates between 10 ml/min up to 1 Liter/min (higher or lower flow rate ranges also available upon request). With its powerful Windows®-based software, it allows the user to automatically equilibrate, load, wash, and elute up to three columns. It also permits the user to control each step in the purification based on one or more measured variables (UV, pH, conductivity, time, temperature, air sensors or any external user-defined monitor).Flow range: 10-1000mL/min.
User selectable buffers: 12
User selectable columns: 3
User selectable fractions: 10
Hold up volume: 120mL
Gradient capability: 5-95%
UV Sensor: 280 nm 0-2 Au,±0.05 Au, 254 nm 0-2 Au (Optional)
Conductivity Sensor: 0-200 ms,±5% F.S.
pH Sensor: 1-14 pH,±0.2
Air Bubble Eject Size:>0.20″
Pressure Sensor: 0-100 psi,±1 psi
Leak Sensor: 5 ml leak volume