Used Illumina HiSeq 2500 DNA Sequencer

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The Illumina HiSeq 2500 is a powerful, flexible DNA Sequencer. It combines two different run modes, rapid-run and high-output run, for one or two flow cells simultaneously. The high-output mode is ideal for larger studies with several samples or studies that require a greater depth of coverage. Also, the high-output mode permits approximately five times more samples than rapid-run mode to reduce the number of runs for large projects.

Alternatively, rapid-run mode accelerates run times to complete fully automated clustering and sequencing for short read applications in a single-business day, or it can perform whole-genome sequencing applications with paired-end 100 bp reads in just over a day. In addition to the rapid-run time, the HiSeq 2500 DNA Sequencer offers the ability to process 600 million sequencing templates in parallel to deliver an exceptionally high daily throughput.

The Illumina HiSeq 2500 DNA Sequencer enhances data quality by achieving highly accurate base-by-base sequence and eliminating sequence-context-errors, through the use of synthesis (SBS) chemistry technology. The fast turnaround time coupled with advanced data quality is critical where accurate and rapid answers are required.


Read length (high-output dual flow cell):
1 x 36: 95-105 Gb
2 x 50: 270-300 Gb
2 x 100: 540-500 GB

Read length (high-output single flow cell):
1 x 36: 47-52 Gb
2 x 50: 135-150 Gb
2 x 100: 270-300 Gb

Read length (rapid-run dual flow cell):
1 x 36: 18-22 Gb
2 x 50: 50-60 Gb
2 x 100: 100-120 Gb
2 x 150: 150-180 Gb

Read length (rapid-run single flow cell):
1 x 36: 9-11 Gb
2 x 50: 30Gb
2 x 100: 50-60 Gb
2 x 150: 75-90 Gb

Flow cell runtime (high-output run mode):
1 x 36: 2 days
2 x 50: 5.5 days
2 x 100: 11 days

Flow cell runtime (rapid-run mode):
1 x 36: 7 hours
2 x 50: 16 hours
2 x 100: 27 hours
2 x 150: 40 hours

Dimensions: 46.7″ W x 30.0″ D x 37.0″H
Power requirements: 50/60Hz, 100-240 VAC

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes HiSeq Server and workbench. Manufactured 2014, refurbished 2016 by Illumina.