Used Axon Instruments PatchXpress 7000A Automated Parallel Patch-Clamp System

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The Axon Instruments PatchXpress 7000A Automated Patch-Clamp System is an automated planar patch system ideal for ion channel drug discovery applications. Offering high quality data in conjunction with walk-away convenience, this platform circumvents user bias to provide results that are equivalent to those of conventional patch clamp techniques.

In order to drastically increase throughput, the PatchExpress 7000A has the capability to test more than 500 compounds in a single eight hour workday while still directly recording ion channel activity in a true whole cell patch clamp configuration. The system can function as both a screening platform as well as an electrophysiology workstation. This level of flexibility allows users to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, including cell pathway analysis, disease research, lead identification, lead optimization, safety assessments, and more. The instrument is particularly suited for ion channel analysis, with a high performance fluidics system that automatically applies compounds at exchanges rates of 10-15 ms. With this technology, even the fasted ligand gated ion channels are captured. Additionally, the system can be configured with optional multidrug or multi-concentration applications on a single cell.

The unit offers numerous features for enhanced performance, including a large extracellular solution reservoir. This feature, in combination with the independent wash station, allows for nearly unlimited washout duration at any juncture during an experiment. In this way, the cell rather than the system dictates experimental pace. With multiple compound additions, issues of potency loss due to nonspecific binding to pipette tip, excess cells, and recording chamber are minimized, and Automated Pressure Control means that seal formation and whole cell recordings are both reliable as well as reproducible.

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