Used Agilent G1312A 1200 Series Binary Pump

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The Agilent 1200 Series binary pump is designed for top performance high-pressure mixing. It is the pump of choice for reproducible gradients and high performance, especially at low flow rates and for high throughput applications. It has an optional programmable solvent selection valve which combines two out of four solvents for utmost flexibility and increased convenience, for example, when flushing the column.

Low internal and external volumes of capillary connections and a minimum of bench space needed due to two dual-piston, in-series pumps in one housing.
Meeting highest chromatographic demands by using servo-controlled pistons of both individual pumps
A wide flow range starting at typically 50 µL/min for reproducible gradients at low flow with solvent degassing.
Reliable design keeping maintenance to a minimum using electronically-controlled active inlet-valves for flow rates up to 5.0 mL/min. the binary pump is also ideally suited to do standard-bore chromatography. Floating pistons with path-of-least-resistance principle ensures highest seal lifetime.