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The Innovatis Cedex is an automated cell counter and analyzer. Utilizing the proven Trypan Blue exclusion method for assessing cell viability, this system promises accuracy and efficiency. The unit provides an automated replacement for time intensive manual methods in determining information such as cell viability, density, size, morphology, aggregation rate, and other important characteristics. User independent analysis is performed in a matter of minutes, saving valuable research time without having to sacrifice accuracy. The unit automates procedures, such as sample handling, staining, and counting, with analysis performed automatically. In doing so, variance caused by manual errors (such as with pipetting) is avoided, guaranteeing precision and reproducibility.

Images of stained cell are acquired quickly and comprehensively, enhancing the statistical relevance of the data. The system software employs a pattern recognition technique to identify, count, and analyze cells (both viable as well as dead) while simultaneously differentiating them from non-relevant bodies in the sample (i.e. debris and contamination). Data is then presented in a practical and intuitive manner and can be easily managed and stored. The Cedex functions in a modular fashion and can be easily integrated into existing workflows to enhance productivity and flexibility. System software includes a Telnet port (TCP/IP protocol) for remote commands, and is validated for GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 processes. This platform is an excellent fit for many cell culture related production and research applications.

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