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The SpectraMax Plus, manufactured by Molecular Devices, is a microplate reader designed to read throughout the UV-Vis wavelength range. Capable of collecting data over a wavelength range from 190 to 1000 nm, this instrument provides rapid and sensitive absorbance measurements for a variety of analytes. Any wavelength in that range can be chosen in 1 nm increments. The monochrometer filters up to six wavelengths simultaneously to be read for analysis, which creates the foundation for rapid data acquisition. Optical density (OD) can be measured in multiple ways, depending on the chosen parameter. This instrument can perform endpoint (specified point in time), kinetic (specified period of time), or spectral scan (specified wavelength range) for any sample. This range of scanning options creates a versatile instrument to meet present and future applications.

Rapid and flexible analytical options do not come at the expense of optical sensitivity. The nine channel system mimics a dual beam spectrometer while reading each sample directly from the microplate well. Mimicking such a system eliminates data noise caused by variations in light output, while reading directly from each well eliminates cross-sample contamination. Samples can be read in any standard cuvette, microcuvette, and 96-well standard or UV-transparent microplates. Pathcheck technology, which normalizes pathlengths of any format to that of a standard cuvette, makes this variety of sample formats possible in addition to eliminating the need to consult standard curves. With a flexible and sensitive optical system, the instrument is ideally suited for applications such as ELISA, DNA analysis, and kinetic assays.