Used Molecular Devices Spectramax Plus384

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The SpectraMax Plus384 by Molecular Devices is a multifunctional microplate reader. This spectrophotometer offers optimal flexibility by accommodating a range of samples from single sample cuvettes and 12 x 75 mm test tubes to 96- and 384- well microplates. Platform versatility is bolstered by the system’s ability to integrate with other robotic instruments for greater walkaway automation. The system utilizes patented PathCheck Sensor technology to determine optical pathlength, and well absorbance can be normalized to an equivalent cuvette pathlength (1 cm) with the appropriate SoftMax Pro software. With the incorporation of the PathCheck Sensor, microwells do not need to have exact volumes; the sensor can read any volume between 50 ul and 300 ul per well. This capability eliminates the need for careful pipetting, thus saving precious research time while maintaining accuracy and convenience. Additionally, any pipetting errors that do occur can be detected and accounted for during data processing so as not to skew absorbance values.

Applications of the SpectraMax Plus384 are wide ranging, making this instrument ideal for any investigations that require traditional spectrophotometric analysis. This includes, but is not limited to, DNA quantitation, colorimetric assays, ELISAs, immunoassays, drug dissolution profiles, and studies in enzyme kinetics. When used with SoftMax Pro software, users can select scan modes (such as endpoint, kinetic, or spectral), view runs in real time (for kinetic and spectral scan modes), and conveniently collect and manage results from multiple experiments in a single comprehensive data file. This unit also includes an incubation feature that offers temperature regulation between 4 C above ambient up to 45 C.