Used Molecular Devices Spectramax 190

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The SpectraMax 190, manufactured by Molecular Devices, is a microplate reader designed for measuring absorbance of samples in the UV-Vis wavelength range. Data can be collected in a variety of modes, including endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scan modes. The optical system with which this instrument is equipped is designed to deliver these results with high reliability. To do so, the optics are designed to mimic the advantages of a dual beam spectrophotometer while eliminating the error that variations in optical fiber light output can create. The optical system is designed around a monochromator that facilitates absorbance detection across the UV-Vis range (190 to 850 nm) and allows six wavelengths to be measured at one time. Accuracy is ensured for any wavelength due to a narrow bandwidth. In this way, consistent data is reported and, with the help of other features, is collected rapidly.

Equipped with an eight channel system, microplates can be read not only with precision, but also with speed. Rapid data acquisition is further enhanced by the system’s ability to measure each sample directly in the microplate well. Pathcheck technology makes this direct reading possible by normalizing each microplate well to a fixed optical pathlength cuvette. In doing so, the need to consult standard curves while calculating concentrations is eliminated. With a known extinction coefficient, concentrations are automatically calculated once the absorbance has been measured. Given the ease-of-use and accuracy of this instrument, there are a variety of applications for this multi-mode spectrometer. Possible applications include ELISAs, protein quantification, and cell proliferation, among others.