Used Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR

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The Applied Biosystems 7500 is a powerful Real Time PCR system. This unit offers accuracy with optimal efficiency by providing results in as quickly as half an hour to allow for increased throughput. The 96-well Fast block is designed to maintain consistent temperatures even at top speed, and high performance optical plates guarantee precise results for reaction volumes between 5 ul and 30 ul.

By accommodating a wide range of dyes, this five color platform is configured for optimal assay flexibility. Calibration for new dyes is simple with the optical system of the 7500, increasing adaptability while simultaneously avoiding the need for new filter sets. The unit can be used as a standard thermal cycler as well as a plate reader; this phenomenal versatility enables the system to meet the needs of many different applications, including those in gene expression analysis, absolute quantitation, and genotyping, among others.

Plate setup can be completed both before and after the run, and errors in this process can be amended without the threat of losing data that has already been acquired. Amplification monitoring occurs in real time, allowing for the implementation of additional cycles to be included mid-run with the use of simple protocol options. Crosstalk is diminished with the implementation of a specialized algorithm that makes this unit excellent for multiplexing while still preserving accuracy. The integrated design of the block means contamination is significantly minimized. Intuitive user software enables practical setup as well as providing the necessary tools for comprehensive data analysis, including a single click graphical export feature ensuring that all acquired data can be easily managed and stored for maximum convenience.