Used Hamilton Microlab STARlet

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The Hamilton Microlab STARlet is a fully integrated, next generation system for DNA purification and analysis processes. Featuring an Autoload option that supports comprehensive sample tracking, this platform is capable of reading barcodes for microplates, sample tubes, and carriers, and can also provide verification that labware is correctly positioned. True to its name, the Autoload feature also automatically loads carriers into the system for enhanced method security.

With its novel CO-RE technology, the STARlet also ensures minimal contamination risk by attaching disposable tips to the pipetting channels in a secure lock and key fit configuration. In this way, vertical force is not required for tip attachment or ejection and thus no aerosols are required. Pipetting performance is further optimized with air based pipetting action that detects empty wells and clots in real time during the aspiration step.

This high performance system offers significant benefits to users, including increased traceability, increased productivity and efficiency, and the circumvention of human error. It is ideal for a range of applications, particularly for the isolation, purification, and quantification of DNA, as well as STR profiling.