Used Hamilton Microlab STAR

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The Hamilton Microlab STAR is a high throughput liquid handling workstation. This fully integrated system utilizes air displacement pipetting technology for maximum accuracy and efficiency while simultaneously monitoring and recording pipette conditions. The platform is uniquely scalable, with workstations ranging from benchtop models to extended systems that double the deck capacity or more. In this way, the STAR line of systems can accommodate a broad spectrum of throughputs for varying applications.

For added flexibility, the instrument can be fitted with multiple arm configurations, each with its own unique pipetting and gripping design. Each arm/pipetting channel/gripping device can be operated independently of one another so as to support many different types of labware. Advanced liquid handling is bolstered by Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) precision tip attachment technology, which attaches either disposable or washable steel tips to the dispensing channels via sturdy lock and key fit (+/- 0.1 mm). This level of precision makes the Hamilton Microlab STAR ideal for applications such as MALDI target spotting, 1536 well pipetting, and low volume dispensing. By circumventing the need for vertical force in both tip attachment and ejection, mechanical stress is minimized and system reliability is optimized as well.

Additional features of the workstation include Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) and Monitored Air Displacement (MAD and ADC), which serve to monitor and detect clots or empty wells during the aspiration step, respectively. These design features can also be used when dispensing volatile solvents to compensate for channel pressure changes due to high vapor pressure. For unparalleled sensitivity, users are also provided dual liquid level detection: capacitive liquid level detection and pressure-based liquid level detection, which allows for liquid level detection independent of container type.

The system is equipped with intuitive Venus software, which allows users to easily integrate additional workstations and third party instruments. Data tracking and processing can be done internally as well as with external systems, and programming control is simple even for complex applications. The Hamilton Microlab STAR offers exceptional flexibility while still maintaining the highest level of precision for even high throughput uses.