Used VWR 1350 FM

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Ovens feature a turbo blower and a heavy-duty motor. Air is directed into the air duct system on the right and flows through horizontal slots across the shelves and over samples. The main controller will retain temperature and time set-point in the event that power is lost to the unit. Built-in over-temperature protection is independent from the main controller, and will control temperature overshoot in the unlikely event that the main controller malfunctions. The easy-to-read LED displays temperature on the control panel. The oven timer can be turned on and off per user application, and digital timer has a range of 99 hours or 59 minutes. Oven interiors are stainless steel. Two punched stainless steel shelves are supplied, adjustable in 1.3cm (1/2″) increments. The door latch and hinges are also user-adjustable to ensure a tight seal throughout the life of the oven. Wrap-around seamless insulation provides excellent heat retention and uniformity. Ovens have a highly resistant, environmentally-safe, durable powder-coat paint finish. Interior dimensions: 18 x 19 x 17 in., and total volume of 4.0 cubic ft. Temperature ranges from 5 C above ambient to 240 C. Voltage: 120; Amperage: 14; Wattage: 1700