Used VWR 1535

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This VWR 1535 forced-air incubator has heating elements in all three walls, bottom and door, which creates a warm air jacket around the inner chamber to guarantee superior temperature uniformity with no hot spots. This design also provides quick temperature recovery. This unit has a full-length inner glass door for viewing specimens without disturbing the interior atmosphere of the chamber. Microprocessor controlled for easy keypad set and calibration. Temperature display can be calibrated to match a secondary thermometer. For over-temperature protection, a second, independent safety controller can be preset and has visual alarm when activated. Features through-wall access port for chart recorder. A UL-approved, vapor-tight electrical outlet is inside the sealed chamber. Adjustable leveling feet compensate for uneven surfaces. Shelves adjustable in 1.3cm (1/2″) increments. Interior dimensions: 24 x 24 x 20 in., with a total volume of 6.7 cubic ft. Temperature ranges from 5 C above ambient to 60 C. Voltage: 120; Amperage: 7.0