Used Nikon Ti-S Phase Contrast Fluorescence Inverted Microscope

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Manufacturer: Model: Ti-S Phase Contrast Fluorescence Inverted MicroscopeSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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The Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Research Microscope is Nikons entry level research microscope with the basic model offering built-in imaging ports that can be dedicated to specific tasks. This microscope is an excellent starting building block for many research applications. The Eclipse Ti-S uses Nikon’s world-famous CFI60 optical system and a wide choice of objectives for bright field, dark field, fluorescence, phase contrast, DIC and modulation contrast microscopy techniques.

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes L100 Base with camera port (0/100 Light Split)
Eyepieces: (2)x 10x-22
– Brightfield
– Phase Contrast
– Fluorescence
– Upgrades available
– Tx Red
Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
– Plan Fluor 10x/.30Ph1
– S Plan Fluor ELWD 20x/.45
– Nikon S Plan Fluor 40x/0.6 ELWD
Motorized Components: Motorized Prior H117BF w/ Prior Proscan II Controller and Joystick and Z Drive Focus Sleeve
Enclosure: Cage Enclosure with In Vivo Temperature Module with Fan.