Used Leica IP S Microscope Slide Inkjet Printer

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The Leica IP S automated printing system is designed for the imprinting of microscope slides. Able to hold a large amount of slides at once, this inkjet printer is well suited for labs dealing with large volumes of samples for processing. Capable of handling high volumes, this printer is a valuable tool for labs studying histology, pathology, toxicology, and cytology. The imprinting of slides provides laboratories with an accurate and reliable method for archiving. The printer is able to print a recommended four to five lines on any standard microscope slide, as well as 2D Data Matrix barcodes or 1D barcodes. Imprinting barcodes makes all samples easily traceable. With a reliable printing system, common human errors caused by poor penmanship, inaccurate recording of numbers, and mixing of labels are practically eliminated. Automation reduces the loss of important and often expensive data.

The Leica IP S prints with specialized ink. This ink is designed specifically for the printer, and makes the imprints resistant to most chemical and physical wear. Supporting high volume workloads, the printer can reach speeds of around 4 seconds per imprint. While this turnover is variable based on what is printed on the slides, speeds can equate to almost 15 slides per minute. While completing the printing of slides, finished slides are delivered to a standard unloading station and stacked in the order in which they were completed. These slides are placed into two stacks where they can be removed manually. Ink for the printer must be ordered directly from Leica Microsystems, as the printer can only run on specific cartridges.

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