Used Nikon Eclipse TE300 Microscope

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The Nikon Eclipse TE300 is an inverted research microscope with a five-position objective turret and front-facing camera port. With a large mechanical stage and modular design, the Eclipse TE300 can suit any research lab’s microscope needs.

Item-Specific Notes:
Nikon Eclipse TE300 Inverted Microscope with Side Mount Camera Port and front Camera Port, Fluorescence Equipment and Phase Contrast. This system includes a very desirable set of objective lenses.
Nikon Eclipse TE300 Microscope Body
Fluorescence Vertical Illuminator
Large Mechanical Stage with Low Position Coaxial Control
100W Halogen Lamp Housing
HBO 100W Mercury Lamp Housing with Collector Lens
(2) CF10X/22 Eyepieces
PlanApo 4X/0.20 Objective

Plan Fluar 10X/0.30 PH1 DLL Objective

Plan Fluar 20X/0.50 DIC M Objective

Plan Fluar 20X/0.50 PH1 DLL Objective

Plan Apo 20X/0.75 Objective

S Plan LWSD 40X/0.60 Corr Objective

Filter cubes:


96187M Blue GFP

96170M FITC HQ

NOTE: Both Transmitted Light and Mercury Power Supplies are missing and not included. We did test the system with different power supplies and both light sources are functional. System being sold “As Is.:”

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8006523NikonTE-PS100MicroscopyPower Supply
8006524NikonC-SHG1MicroscopyPower Supply