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The Amersham Pharmacia AKTA purifier is a highly modular fast performance liquid chromatography (FPLC) system. Such systems are easily modified to best suit the current and future needs of research and production laboratories. High-caliber solutions are produced using chromatography techniques with flow rates and pressures controlled to be compatible with a range of methods for the separation of proteins and peptides. Much of the success of this system comes from eliminating problems often caused by chromatography systems attempting purification, including the need for frequent column cleaning and problems associated with air entering the system.

Quality automated separation means reproducible and reliable results. This is the result of the system eliminating common problems in sample loss caused by spillage and misplaced tubes. Automation makes optimal purification conditions much easier to attain and maintain while saving time normally spent on manual purification tasks. This efficiency ensures the targeting of protein of interest, which makes such an FPLC system valued in laboratories from research to production processes.

No matter how the FPLC system is set up, UNICORN software ensures that the system will remain adaptable for any specifications or applications needed in the future. Thanks to a wide range of compatible accessories and hardware, this system can function as a purifying workhorse for high throughput labs, a high-precision purifier for complex tasks, or anything in between. A variety of setups adjusts parameters in speed of automation, flexibility, and resolution. The standard configuration of this system includes advanced pumps for variable flow rates, detectors/monitors, a pH and conductivity monitor, autosamplers, fraction collector, and purifying column(s). Components such as autosamplers can be included solely for increasing system throughput in order to relieve laboratory bottlenecks.

Detectors and monitors represent a few examples of system modularity. A variety of sensitivities is available for UV monitors with most (as with the UV-900) being able to detect for three wavelengths simultaneously. The on-line pH and conductivity monitor – denoted as pH/C, as with the pH/C-900 model – detects the elution conditions automatically. This helps the user monitor both discrete and major differences in conditions for any type of chromatography such as reverse phase, hydrophobic interaction, etc. All components have their own degree of specificity and throughput, making the functionality of the system entirely up to the operator.

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