Used Biotek Instruments ELx405R

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The BioTek ELx405 is a deep well microplate washer. This system is able to work with 96- and 384 standard and deep well plates making it a versatile and essential piece of every laboratory. This instrument is also robot compatible that increases is throughput and it is capable to dispense volume at low flow rates and with angled dispensing making this instrument ideal for cell-based assays.

The BioTek ELx405 is ideal for the following applications: plasmid DNA purification, serum sample preparation, cell signaling assays, and cell cultures among others. It has a volume dispensing range from 50 to 3000 uL/well.

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Includes pump and accessories.

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2037314Thomas Pumps & Compressors669BESUU44TFE-217PumpVacuum Pump
2037315Biotek InstrumentsAccessoriesLiquid HandlingAccessory