Used Leica DM4000M Trinocular Motorized Metallurgical Microscope

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The materials microscope can be used with all common incident light contrast methods. It operates with a mechanical Z-drive and mechanical stage.

The 6-position mechanical objective turret with M32 thread is coded. In combination with automatic recognition of the contrast technique, the light intensity automatically adjusts to the objective in use. The brightness of the image remains constant when switching to a different magnification. These features allow you to concentrate on your work while the contrast and light manager automatically adjust the microscope for the best image quality.

Item-Specific Notes:
Leica DM4000M Trinocular Motorized Metallurgical Upright Microscope w/ Polarizer and Analyzer

  • Leica DM4000M Microscope w/ Camera Port
  • Eyepieces: (2)x HC PLAN s 10x/25
  • Encoded Sextuple revolving nosepiece
  • Illumination:
    • Reflective and Transmitted Brightfield
    • Polarizer and Analyzer
  • Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
    • N Plan 5x/.12 BD (566016)
    • N Plan 10x/.25 BD (566005)
    • N Plan 20x/0.40 BD (566029)
    • N Plan 50x/0.75 BD (566052)
    • N Plan 100x/0.90 objectives (566054)
  • Type of Stage: Right Handed Mechanical
  • Motorized Components:
    • Filter Turret
    • motorized condenser head
    • motorized condenser turret for light rings, DF stop, DIC prisms
    • automatic Köhler Illumination
  • Computer includes Micromanager Software and Monitor