Used Beckman GS-15R

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The variable-speed refrigerated Beckman GS-15R Centrifuge offers three acceleration profiles and nine deceleration profiles. It is valued for pelleting, binding studies, nucleic acid precipitation, immunoassays, protein extraction and concentration, and sample preparation. Features: Set Speed: 0 to 15 300 rpm (in 100-rpm increments) or equivalent RCF, Speed Display: Digital display indicates actual rotor speed +/- 1 rpm (actual RCF can be selected during operation), Set Time: 0- 9 hr 59 minutes or continuous, Time Display: Time remaining in run (timed run) or infinity and elapsed time (continuous run), Temperature Setting: -20 C to +40 C ( in 1 C increments), Ambient Temperature Range: 10 C to 35 C, Humidity Restrictions: Less than 95 percent (nondecondensing), Acceleration: Three acceleration profiles, Deceleration: Nine deceleration profiles

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