Used Tucsen Dhyana 95 V2 sCMOS Back Illuminated Monochrome Camera

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Manufacturer: Model: Dhyana 95 V2 sCMOS Back Illuminated Monochrome CameraSubcategory: Warranty: See Item Description
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Smaller size but more functions: Dhyana95 V2 adopts Tucsen’s new technology and performance standard. The smallest dimension among peers for scientific imaging makes it more popular for demanding compact space. The water-cooling method and CameraLink interface apply the camera for conditions requiring high stability.

Faster readout by doubling speed: Dhyana95 V2 adds a STD high speed readout mode, of which the frame rate is up to 48fps@null4.2MP which is twice as the normal mode. It can be achieved progressively by using ROI function for applications demanding special frame rate.

Superior background with accurate calibration: Dhyana95 V2 now can provide a superior background for quantitative analysis applications. The DSNU/PRNU have reached the international optimum of 0.2e- and 0.3% respectively, as the problems from sensor production process, such as edge glow, dead pixels as well as pixel non-uniformity, all have been calibrated accuracy.

95% quantum efficiency, and excellent SNR: The Dhyana95 V2 uses backside-illuminated sCMOS thinned chip technology to avoid light interference from the wiring layer. It has excellent response capabilities in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared bands, with a peak quantum efficiency of up to 95%@560nm, and when the number of incident photons are more than 3 , it can have a better SNR performance than the typical EMCCD camera of 97% peak QE .

100Ke- Full Well Capacity, High Dynamic Range: Thanks to the 11um large pixel , Dhyana95 V2’s full-well capacity can be up to 100,000 electrons. Advanced High Dynamic (HDR) mode, through dual-channel gain combined, it can present high-quality images with rich details of dark and bright in real time, which is very useful in applications such as life science.

2″ area, large field of view: The 2″ array can not only adapt to more optical interfaces and deliver a greater field of view, but also results in fewer lens switches to find the area of interest on the sample.

SoftX-rayDetection: The distinctive features of Dhyana95 make it an excellent alternative to back-illuminated CCDs which are commonly applied in soft X-ray applications of previous-generation synchrotrons, such as coherent scatter experiments. They would greatly benefit fully from the Dhyana95’s high frame rates

Item-Specific Notes:

  • Model: Dhyana95 V2
  • Sensor size: 2″
  • Sensor model: Backside-illuminated sCMOS
  • Color/Monochrome: Monochrome
  • Quantum efficiency: 95%@560nm
  • Effective no.of pixels: 2048(H) x 2048(V)
  • Pixel size: 11um x 11um
  • Effective area: 22.5mmx22.5mm
  • Full well capacity: 80000e-@HDR,100000e-@STD
  • Frame rate: 24fps@16bit HDR,48fps@12bit STD
  • Read noise: 1.6e-(median),1.7e-(rms)
  • Shutter type: Rolling Shutter
  • Exposure time: 21us-10s
  • Cooling method: 0.2e-
  • DSNU: 0.3%
  • PRNU: 100 (HDR and STD)
  • Offset: Forced air: (Ambient at +20℃):-15℃
  • Cooling method: Water: (Ambient at +20℃): -25℃
  • Dark current: Forced air: 0.5e-/pixel/s, Water: 0. 25e-/pixel/s
  • Binning: 1×1, 2×2, 4×4
  • Sub-array: 2048×1024, 2048×512, 1608×1608, 1200×1200, 1024×1024, 512×512, 256×256
  • External trigger mode: Standard/Synchronous/Global trigger/Software trigger
  • Trigger delay function: 0-10s(1μs steps)
  • Trigger output: Exposure/Global/readout signal/High/Low
  • External trigger routing: SMA
  • Timestamp Accuracy: 1us
  • Digital interface: USB3.0, CameraLink
  • SDK: C / C++
  • Bit depth: 16bit &12bit
  • Lens mount: C-mount & F-mount
  • Power supply: 12V/8A
  • Power consumption: ~60W
  • Camera size: C-mount 100mmx118mmx127mm, F-mount 100mmx118mmx157mm
  • Software: Mosaic 1.6
  • Compatible system: Windows/Linux
  • Operating environment: Temperature: 0-40°C,Humidity: 10%-85%