Used Olympus IX83 Motorized Trinocular Inverted Microscope

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Manufacturer: Model: IX83 Motorized Trinocular Inverted Microscope Subcategory:
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The Olympus IX83 inverted microscope has been integrated into IXplore systems. IXplore Systems are designed to provide solutions-based packages that suit your research application needs.

Expandable to Meet Growing Research Needs
The fully-motorized IX83 is designed to satisfy a variety of research needs. With additional modules providing expanded functionality, both microscope options enable a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from casual documentation to long-term time-lapse imaging and other demanding techniques.
The unique open frame of the IX83 provides ready access to the light path, thus making it easy to add or change modules. A variety of deck modules can be easily exchanged to add or remove functions as needed. With a simple slide-in design, the TruFocus Z drift compensator module can be easily added to any IX83 system to maintain continuous focus throughout an extended time-lapse experiment.

IX83: One-deck System

An intelligent, motorized microscope featuring a large field number (FN22, left side port) and TruFocus compatibility, thus creating a new standard for live cell imaging.

Item-Specific Notes:

  • Olympus IX83 Base
  • Trinocular
  • Eyepieces: (2)x WH10x-H/22
  • Illumination:
    • Brightfield
    • DIC
    • Phase Contrast
      • Condenser NA 0.030
    • Illuminator (Choose One)
      • Olympus U-HGLGPS
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 110LED System with Adapter X-Cite 110LED, speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite mini + System Includes:  LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote Includes: – LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote, – Microscope Coupling Flange
      • Upgrade to: New X-Cite XYLIS, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor Includes: – X-Cite XYLIS (XT720S), speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide

      Filters (Additional Configurations Available):

      • DAPI
      • FITC
      • CY5
  • Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
    • UplanFL 4x/.13
    • UplanFL 10x/.30 Ph1
    • LCplanFL 20x/.40 Ph1
    • LCplanFL 40x/.60 Ph2
  • Type of Stage: Prior H117P1XD/C with Proscan III controller and Joystick
  • Focusing Motorized focus; Stroke: 10.5 mm Resolution: 0.01 μm
  • Light Path selection: Motorized 0:100/50:50/100:0(Left side port:BI port)
  • Motorized Components
    • Nosepiece: Motorized sextuple with simple waterproof structure
    • Filter Turret
    • Condenser
  • Additional Accessories:
    • IX3 CBH
    • I3-TPC Touch Panel Controller
    • U-MCZ