Used Agilent G1314B 1200 Series Variable Wavelength Detector

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As a standalone detector extending your analytical range, or in an automated Agilent 1200 Series system enhancing your productivity, the Agilent 1200 Series variable wavelength detector (VWD) lowers detection limits with simplified optics for high sensitivity, low baseline drift and wide linear range. Lower your cost of ownership with easy front access to lamp and flow cell for fast replacement. Helps to comply to GLP with built-in holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength verification and unambitious traceability of flow cell and lamp with RFID tags.

Achieve highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits with low baseline noise and drift. Get an Improvement of the detection limit by a factor of typically more than 3 compared with the predecessor variable wavelength detector, which was the most often used one worldwide.

Electronic temperature control (ETC) for maximum baseline stability and practical sensitivity under fluctuating ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

A wide linear range for reliable, simultaneous quantitation of primary compounds, by-products and impurities.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for flow cells and lamps provide a new level of traceability.

Latest electronics with built-in LAN ensure highest up-time and secure investment.

Programmable wavelength switching for sensitivity and selectivity optimized.

Stop-flow wavelength scanning for quick wavelength optimization.

Realtime chromatographic signal plot and built-in context-sensitive online information with easy step-by-step guidance on handheld control modules.

Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display through Instant Pilot controller and Agilent ChemStation.

Safe leak handling and leak detection with leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system.