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The MicroFill Dispenser from Biotek Instruments provides laboratories with a reliable system for reagent dispensing. Unlike many liquid handlers, this instrument is designed for a compact footprint to fit on any laboratory bench without wasting valuable space. With such a compact design, it is able to fit in any laminar flow closet, ensuring laboratory procedures can be carried out in ideally sterile and safe environments.

Dispensing of liquids can be done in any well plate up to 384-wells. This includes any standard microplate or deep well blocks that are available. Dispensing is carried out by a syringe pump that is controlled by a microprocessor. This system is designed to ensure precise and reliable output. Precision handling includes dispensing of liquid volumes anywhere from 5 uL to 6,000 uL per microplate well. The flow rate of the dispensing mechanism is completely adjustable by the operator for a range of flow velocities. Changing these speeds allows for the accommodation of almost any application or liquid vessel. To ensure a sterile pathway that many applications require, the liquid pathway has full autoclavability. This accurate and precise handling is established without the necessary maintenance other such instruments may require. With maintenance routines integrated in the system, much of the manual operator attention required in similar instruments is eliminated. And without the need for recalibration, workflows are optimized for speed and efficiency.

The MicroFill Dispenser supports a variety of add-ons and accessories. Robotic integration is fully supported, including a microplate stacker that can be integrated with robotics for automated workflows.

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