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The Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 is a multiple task liquid handling system perfect for high throughput environments. This dynamic robotic process sampler is a comprehensive solution for pipetting and liquid handling protocols in a variety of laboratory applications and is fully automated for efficiency and precision. The independent channels of the incorporated liquid handling arm (LiHA) have the ability to accommodate both reusable Teflon coated pipette tips or disposable tips of multiple sizes on a single arm. Each channel has an adjustable width and is individually programmable, allowing for versatility in conducting a variety of liquid dispensing operations. Advanced pipetting can be performed with either four tip or eight tip arms with any combination of disposable tips used on the same cone in a single run.

The automated and integrated design of this unit consolidates workflow to save time as well as bypass labor intensive procedures. The robotics manipulator arm (RoMA) of the Genesis RSP 150/8 facilitates well-plate transfer across the work space as well as to and from the storage and incubation chambers, and it offers integrability with other advanced systems and equipment to help contribute to the production of a fully automated laboratory set up. The system is also sensitive enough to detect both conductive and non-conductive liquids at small volumes to provide increased precision and safety.

The working surface of the unit measures 35” H x 33” W x 57” D and can be configured to hold various well-plates, containers, and disposable pipet tips. Tecan’s Genesis RSP 150/8 offers efficiency, accuracy, and consistency to any laboratory protocol requiring liquid handling.

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