Used Waters Micromass ZQ

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Waters Micromass ZQ is a robust single quadropole mass spectrometer for laboratory applications requiring nominal mass resolution. The system offers a mass range up to 2,000 daltons and flow rates of 5 – 1,000 µl/min (ESI) and 200 – 2,000 µl/min (APCI).

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8004773Waters2525 Binary Gradient ModuleChromatographyPump
8004774Waters2487 Dual Absorbance DetectorChromatographyDetector
8004775Waters515 HPLC PumpChromatographyPump
8004776EdwardsE2M28PumpVacuum Pump
8006123WatersAccessoriesMass SpectrometryAccessory