Used Teledyne Isco CombiFlash RF

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A compact benchtop flash chromatography system, used for rapid chromatographic separation, detection, and collection of liquid-soluble biomolecules.

– Uses RFID technology to automate purification parameters and fraction collection based on columns
– Built-in solvent and waste management system
– Automated valve allows for walk-away operation with self-cleaning functionality
– Integrated 10”5 touchscreen controller with PeakTrak software for on-screen method development and real-time control
– Optional control via external web browser (Ethernet), data and current run can be accessed by up to 10 remote computers
– Front panel USB for data transfer
– Autoinjection with 6-position motor powered sample loading valve
– Monitors four solvents and one waste fluid levels

– Pumping System: Positive displacement pumps, 5 to 200 mL/min, 0 to 200 psi (when used with RediSep Rf columns)
– Gradients: Four solvent, binary, Accuracy: < 1% full scale
– Column Support: Supports columns 4g to 330g
– Fraction Collection Capacity: 216 (13×100 mm tubes) to 12 (480 ml bottles)
– Detection: Dual wavelength, 200 to 360 nm