Used IKA Works Eurostar Power CV S1

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These stirrer motors are suitable for volumes of up to 40L of medium- to high-viscosity liquids. Microprocessor control provides infinitely adjustable speed and ensures constant speed and torque under changing loads. A precision chuck accommodates standard stirring elements with up to 10mm shaft diameter; the housing allows stirrer shafts to be pushed through for height adjustment. Units have built-in overload protection.
Model EUROSTAR Power Control-Visc features a digital display of rotational speed and torque trend. An analog signal is available for recording speed or torque. Viscosity change can be monitored and documented during operation. This model also features an RS-232 serial interface for computer-controlled operation of the stirring motor.

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Includes stand

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8004701IKA WorksHomogenizer Stand/BaseHomogenizer / StirrerAccessory