Used Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4 Particle Size Analyzer

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The Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4 Particle Size Analyzer utilizes the Coulter Principle to be a market leader in particle sizing and counting. The Coulter Principle detects particles with electrical zone sensing. The multisizer is unaffected by the particle’s nature or optical properties.
The Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter is useful for a wide variety of particles including, mammalian cells, bacteria, cell aggregations, yeast, toner particles, and more.

Item-Specific Notes:
This instrument is complete with its own Dell Optiplex 7010 Computer and Flat Screen Monitor.

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8004471DellOptiplex 7010Computer / ITComputer
8004472DellFlat Screen MonitorComputer / ITMonitor
8004473Beckman CoulterAccessoriesAnalyticalAccessory