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The PHERAstar, manufactured by BMG LabTech, is a multimode microplate reader designed for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications. This plate reader provides highly sensitive analysis and a dynamic range of reading modes. Applications include almost any assay, from protein-protein binding and enzyme activity, to second messenger quantification and ligand-receptor binding. With the ability to provide high sensitivity, flexibility, and reliability all in a compact and easy instrument, it is well suited for a variety of research environments.

Capable of executing most HTS reading modes, the instrument can conduct Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence, and Absorption. Assays can be analyzed on a range of microplates, including any format from 6 to 1536 well plates. With an optical system offering a spectral range from 230 to 900 nm (750 nm depending on the modulated configuration), a wide range of signals can be detected. Thanks to a solid state laser and low-noise luminescence reading, the instrument gives precise and reliable reads when screening such methods as AlphaScreen assays.

The detection system of the PHERAstar provides reliable data in a fast and efficient way. This system is based on dual-channel photomultiplier tube (PMT) configurations, which allows for dual-excitation and highly efficient detection of sample signals. Five of these tubes are built into the system, each of which is capable of dual emission detection and executing all detection modes (with the exception of absorbance). These detectors are optimized for high sensitivity and ensuring quality results. These characteristics are achieved by changing the focus as required by sample volumes and plates. This is done with an automated Z-focus that adjusts the position of the PMTs over sample wells. With this integrated focus adjustment built for minimal read times, screening of all radiometric assays is executed with reliable and fast performance.

An important feature for many fast-paced labs is an ability for analytical systems to keep up with output. The ability of the PHERAstar to process thousands of assays per day makes it a valuable asset for many research institutions. Such high-throughput screening has evolved thanks to the instrument utilizing technologies that require minimal sample volumes. This allows the system to accurately detect samples in 1536-well microplates. Using such high-density microplates allows for fast and homogeneous screening of assays. Combining fast plate reading with sensitive instrumentation makes the PHERAstar well-suited for numerous biological research facilities with microplate reading needs.

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