Used Biotage 103198/11 TurboVap LV

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The Biotage TurboVap LV is a concentration evaporator workstation that is an automated low volume sample concentrator that efficiently cuts down long evaporation times of conventional techniques.

The TurboVap LV can perform simultaneous evaporation for up to 50 samples. The TurboVap LV also offers flexibility of sample volumes from 1.5 mL to 30 mL because of its compatibility with interchangeable tube racks.

The TurboVap LV is microprocessor-controlled and closely monitors the timed operation and the temperature of the water bath, allowing for full automation. The water bath helps to make the evaporation process faster. With temperature adjustable from ambient to 90 degrees Celsius, the TurboVap LV reports being three times faster than hot blocks and two times faster than a conventional Nitrogen blowdown. The microprocessor also automatically shuts off the gas and provides operational diagnostics through its user-friendly interface.