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The Mar345dtb, desktop beamline (dtb), is a highly advanced goniometer system. The systems primarily motorized movements are controlled by the host computer. This device is highly customizable.

The dtb is capable of yielding the best possible primary X – ray beam intensity by finding and refining the optimal position of the beam. The beam profile is also easily obtained and slit apertures can automatically be determined and fit to the monochromators properties.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8004049Bruker NoniusFR591 CU Rotating Anode X-Ray SourceArrayArray
8004050Bruker Nonius0591.355 Vacuum PumpPumpVacuum Pump
8004051OxfordILM 201 ControllerArrayArray
8004052OxfordCryoJet 98 ControllerArrayArray
8004053UnbrandedES Series Liquid Nitrogen TankCold StorageDewar / Cryotank
8004055Federal Pacific36B TransformerMiscellaneousTransformer
8004056Bruker Nonius0591.330 Power SupplyMiscellaneousTransformer
8004057PfeifferMVP 055-3 Vacuum PumpPumpVacuum Pump
8004058DellPrecision 340Computer / ITComputer
8004059DellM991 MonitorComputer / ITMonitor
8004065HaskrisR300-ABHKOWater Bath / CirculatorCirculator