Used Sorvall RC-5B Plus

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The RC-5B Plus offers simplicity of operation and durability for intensive use. User-friendly controls make set-up simple even for inexperienced users, speeding up parameter setting and reducing errors. The industry�s widest rotor range � spanning fixed angle, swinging bucket, vertical, microtube, zonal, and continuous flow types � means unrivalled levels of superspeed versatility.
The durable, high capacity refrigeration system maintains precise operating temperatures without the need for a vacuum. Direct drive motors, with no belts or gears, reduce maintenance and system noise. The patented gyro system protects the drive from damage should rotor imbalance occur. Intuitive levers or knobs make parameter setting fast and easy. Both set and actual parameters are visible at all times. User-defined sample over-temperature protection assures sample integrity. Imbalance tolerant gyro permits eye balancing of tube contents and rotor load. Easy to use controls for programming run conditions
High visibility analog displays and lighted indicators
Run conditions can be set in any sequence and changed at any time. Accurate speed control from 500 to 21,000 rpm.
Maximum speed rpm : 21,000
Maximum RCF x g : 51,430
Maximum capacity : 4 x 1,000 ml
Drive : High torque, DC direct drive with gyro suspension
Accel/decel rates : 1 acceleration, 2 deceleration
Speed range rpm : 500 � 21,000
Speed control accuracy : �1% or 100 rpm, whichever is greater
Temperature set range �C : -20 to +40
Temperature control �C : +2 to +37 at maximum rotor speed
Temperature accuracy �C : �2
Ambient temperature range �C : 15 � 38