Used Biotek Instruments MicroFlo Select

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The Biotek MicroFlo Select (MFS) is a very fast, clean, and compact universal microplate dispenser. It dispenses 1 µL-10 mL into microplates with as many as 384 wells; it is also compatible with other tubes or trays (such as PCR trays, deep well microplates, and microtubes) up to 4 inches in height. It can dispense up to 8 reagents at one time, and it only takes 6 seconds to fill 384 wells.

Not only is the Biotek MFS quick, it also features customizable automation. The onboard software automatically saves the 10 most recent dispense routines, and it can store up to 99 additional dispense protocols. This includes controlling the sequence, flow rate, and liquid volume for each well. The system is doubly automatic with the addition of an optional BioStack Microplate Stacker which can replace and organize your plates. Its removable stacks can hold anywhere between 10 and 30 standard size plates depending on your throughput needs.

Like all Biotek products, this unit was built to last and is easily cleaned to keep all experiments contaminant free. The tubing is autoclavable; replacement cassettes and tubing kits are available at low cost, and tips may also be individually replaced. Also, the built-in priming trough insert makes it easy to either recycle or dispose of any remaining reagents. With its small footprint, easy maintenance, and exceptional speed, the Biotek MicroFlo Select is an essential tool for any high-volume laboratory.