Used Bio-Rad Hydro Tech Vacuum Pump

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Manufacturer: Model: Hydro Tech Vacuum PumpSubcategory: Price: $500.00(Price does not include shipping and packaging costs.)
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A portable laboratory vacuum pump designed for procedures requiring a continuous vacuum of greater than 23.4 torr.

– Particularly suited towards electrophoresis gel drying, works well with the Model 583 gel dryer
– Uses tap water instead of pump oil
– All wetted surfaces are corrosion-resistant
– Traps all gel drying liquids and vapors into 4 L water reservoir
– Produces vacuum by pumping pressurized water through dual venturi injectors
– Ultimate Vacuum: 28 to 29 inHg (depending on run time)
– Flow Rate: ≥ 28 L/min at 60 Hz