Used Eppendorf F34-6-38

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Eppendorf fixed-angle rotor F-34-6-38 for centrifuges 5804 / 5804 R and centrifuges 5810 / 5810 R. Six boreholes for different tubes (max. tube size: 85 ml). Maximum rotational speed: 11,000 rpm (max. rcf: 15,550 x g).
When used in Model 5810 R: max. rotational speed 12,000 rpm (max. rcf: 18,500 x g). Conical tubes, such as 15 ml and 50 ml Falcon� tubes, can be centrifuged with adapters in the fixed-angle rotor. Rotor, caps and adapters are autoclavable (121�C, 20 min).