Used Roche Cedex Bio HT

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The Roche Cedex Bio HT is an automated computerized analyzer ideal for a high throughout environment. It can determine a wide range of analytes in an aqueous solution with multiple parameters of mammalian, bacterial, and yeast culture systems.

The Cedex Bio HT can handle 260 to 400 tests in an hour and has a sample capacity of up to 96 plus an additional 30 samples at a time with continuous loading. This increases the inherent processes safety and efficiency by minimizing the overall hands – on time.

The Cedex Bio HT is fully automated, including daily maintenance and the freely programmable on-board sample dilution. This in conjunction with the online integration optimizes the measurement points and the timelines.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8003890HPComputerComputer / ITComputer