Used Precision 51201069 Napco 6000 CO2 Incubator

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Manufacturer: Model: 51201069 Napco 6000 CO2 IncubatorSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Price: 1100.00Sale Price: $999.00 Save 9%(Price does not include shipping and packaging costs.)
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The Precision Napco 6000 CO2 Incubator (51201069) is specially designed to maintain stability and uniformity of chamber temperature and CO2 levels. The incubator’s temperature ranges from 5 degrees Celsius above ambient to 50 degrees Celsius with ±0.1 degrees Celsius of control. The CO2 control ranges from 0% to 20%. The volume of a chamber is 5.4 cubic feet (153 Liters).

The incubator is controlled by a microprocessor that is controlled by a front panel. This incubator features front-panel calibration and diagnostics and there is a software lock to ensure set-point conditions are not inadvertently changed. The safety of the samples is ensured by an audio-visual alarm, low water indicator, automatic shuttle valve to switch to a secondary CO2 tank, rear access port, and auxiliary power outlet and over-temperature safety switch.

Item-Specific Notes:
The Precision Napco 6000 CO2 Incubator (51201069) has two chambers, each with volumes of 5.4 cubic feet (153 Liters).