Used Bio-Rad 2128 Fraction Collector

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The Model 2128 Fraction Collector is used for automatic fraction collection in a variety of laboratory applications. It may be used as a stand-alone unit or as part of Bio-Rad’s Econo System and HPLC chromatography instruments

*Collection into microplates, microtubes, test tubes (12 mm to 18 mm in diameter and any height up to
180 mm), and bottles of any size.
• Collection by drop count or time; collection by volume when under Econo System control.
• Collection over the entire run, using Time Windows, Peak Detection, or combinations of Time Windows and Peak Detection.
• Optional diverter valve for flow diversion and to minimize spillage during tube changes.
• Menu-driven software for ease of programming.
• Ability to start/stop an external pump and chart recorder.
• Accepts a range of UV signal inputs for peak collection.
• Rotating arm and removable racks minimize space requirements.
• Removable drain trough for easy cleaning.

Time range 0.03 to 99.9 Mins.
Drop count 0 to 999 drops.
Max flow rate 5.0 ml/min.