Used Napco 6300

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The Napco 6300 water jacketed CO2 incubator features dual vertical chambers. Total capacity is 10cu/ft. This incubator offers outstanding uniformity and operation convenience and electronic control systems with CO2 sensor and controlled convection. Each chamber is completely independent and equipped with it’s own controls, panel indicators and heating. Model has a thermal conductivity sensor as well as automatic CO2 injection.
CO2 Range: 0-15%.
CO2 Control: 0.15%.
CO2 Uniformity: +/-0.25deg C.
Temperature Range: 5deg C Above Ambient to 55deg C.
Temperature Control: 0.1C Temperature Uniformity: +/-0.25C.
Interior dimensions (each unit): 18 x 18 x 25 in., with a total volume of ~10 cubic ft.
Voltage: 120; Amperage: 120; Wattage: 1000