Used Olympus SZ 4045TR

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The Olympus SZ4045TR is a Greenough Type Research Grade Zoom Stereo Microscope with a
magnification range of 6.7X – 40X and an integrated phototube. When required, moving a lever diverts
100% of the light from one eye path to the camera port.

Item-Specific Notes:
Olympus SZ4045 TR Microscope body with Built-In Phototube, .67X -4X continuous Zoom range ( 6.7X – 40X as equipped with 10X eyepieces), 110mm Working Distance

– (2) Olympus GSWH 10X/22 Eyepieces
– Olympus SZ-STS Focusing Block
– Olympus SZH-ILLK Large Transmitted Light Mirror Base with Built-IN 6V 20W Illuminator, Power supply,
Rheostat and Tilt Control for Mirror to provide Bright Field and Oblique Illumination
– Adapter for 66MM Ringlight (Ringlight Illuminator not included)