Used Applied Biosystems API 3000 LC/MS/MS System

Item ID: 8003612
Manufacturer: Model: API 3000 LC/MS/MS SystemSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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The API 3000 LC/MS/MS System is a high performance triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with applications in protein and peptide analysis, as well as small molecule analysis in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8003613Sciex019295 Heated NebulizerMass SpectrometrySource
8003614GalileoHS 602 Vacuum PumpPumpVacuum Pump
8003615PE Sciex014179 Power ConverterMiscellaneousPower Converter
8003618ShimadzuDGU-14AChromatographySolvent Degasser
8003620ShimadzuSCL-10A VP ControllerChromatographyController
8003621CTC AnalyticsHTS PALChromatographyAuto Sampler
8003622CTC AnalyticsMN 03-00MiscellaneousPower Supply
8003623CTC AnalyticsMN 01-00MiscellaneousPower Supply
8003624CTC AnalyticsMB 01-00A ControllerChromatographyController
8003625Harvard Apparatus11 Plus Syringe Pump #70-2208PumpSyringe Pump
8003626ShimadzuAccessoryMass SpectrometryAccessory