Used Tecan Genesis Workstation 200

Item ID: 8003573
Manufacturer: Model: Genesis Workstation 200Subcategory: Price: $4,500.00(Price does not include shipping and packaging costs.)
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The Genesis workstation 200 is a fully automated system.
The Genesis workstation 200 allows a hand-free process and time savings thanks to his robotic manipulator arm (RoMa) and his liquid handling arm with 8 Teflon coated fixed tips. The RoMa arm transfers the plates to the sealing unit and removes them to the cooled deck.
Regular bleach washes of the fixed LiHa tips keep to a minimum the cross-contamination of samples.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8003574TecanColumbusLiquid HandlingAutomated Liquid Handler
8003575TecanAccessoryLiquid HandlingAccessory