Used Zeiss Axio Imager. A1

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Includes XI120-Q X-Cite Illuminator, ES10US OptiScan II, CS152V2 Joystick Controller, QIClick Camera, computer, accessories, and (4) objectives:
1)EC Plan-Neopfluar 10X/0.30
2)EC Plan-Neofluar 20X/0.50
3)EC Plan Neofluar 40X/0.75
4)EC Plan-Neofluar 100X/1.30 Oil

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8003554Lumen DynamicsXI120-Q X-Cite IlluminatorMicroscopyIlluminator
8003555Prior ScientificES10US OptiScan II MicroscopyPower Supply
8003556Prior ScientificCS152V2 Joystick ControllerMicroscopyAccessory
8003558DellStudio XPSComputer / ITComputer