Used Applied Biosystems Step-One Plus Real-Time PCR System

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The Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System is a robust, flexible instrument capable of performing a wide variety of genomic assays. It provides the capability to monitor the progress of experiments, either remotely or on the machine, cycle-by-cycle. The StepOnePlus Real-Time PCS stores the resulting data, which can then be transferred by email or USB. Alternatively, data can be automatically viewed and stored remotely to promote quick and easy access.

The StepOnePlus also offers an advanced LED-based optical system with the ability to record fluorescence from various dyes. The 96-well, 4-color system produces precise Real-Time PCR results and saves data from all filters without depending on a computer or plate setup.

Capacity: 1 x 96-well plate, 12 x 8-tube strips, 96 x 0.1 ml tubes
Format: 0.1 ml tubes, 8-tube strips, 96-well plate
Peak block ramp rate: 4.6 degrees Celsius per second
Reaction volume range: 10-30 microliters
Maximum run time: 2 hours
Sensitivity: 1 copy
Temperature range: 4 to 100 degrees celsius
Dimensions: 9.7″ W x 16.8″ D x 20.2″ H
Weight: 53 lbs
Applications: gene detection, microRNA expression, protein expression, viral load analysis