Used Thermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Quantum Mass Spectrometer System

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The Thermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Quantum is a GC/MS unit that offers unique features and options to ensure maximum flexibility and provide enhanced technology. Using Highly Selective Reaction Monitoring (H-SRM), it increases analyte selectivity in complex matrices and improves precision and accuracy at LOD. The high transmissions at enhanced reduction minimizes the number of false positives.

The TSQ Quantum also contains the option to use H-SRM and Quantitation-Enhanced Data-Dependent MS/MD (QED-MS/MS) to provide simultaneous quantitation and structural confirmation. This feature is very beneficial for multi-result screening experiments and is easily searchable against spectral libraries for added structural confirmation.

The Thermo Fisher Science TSQ Quantum GC Mass Spectrometer increases flexibility by offering the option to switch between GC and LC modes or change EL to CI. Negative CI and selected reaction monitoring provides a highly scrutinous and sensitive method for analyzing and detecting endogenous estrogens, such as estradiol.

The additional TRACE GC Ultra system helps meet any sample requirement. It maximizes sensitivity with Split/Splitless, PTV, and Cold-on Column injectors all available in Large Volume mode. Also, it includes the Automatic Column Characterization (ACC), leak check functions, flow and pressure programming, and gas saving operation. ACC allows retention time to be independent of column sizes using automatic measurement and storage of real column parameters. The ion source is connected via a directed coupling GC/MS interface and provides uniform temperature distribution along with precise temperature control of cup to 350 degrees Celsius.

Maximum scan speeds: 5000 u/s
SRM transitions: over 300 per second