Used Julabo FS18

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The Julabo FS18 HL is a refrigerated/heated circulator that has a working temperature range of -95 degrees to +300 degrees Celsius is suitable for bath tanks up to 100 Liters. This circulator is particularly useful for external temperature application processes such as a distillation apparatus or a miniplant installation. The FS18 HL is also useful for jacketed reaction vessels, autoclaves, and kilo labs.

The Julabo FS18 HL is the top-of-the-line circulator from Julabo’s ‘High Tech’ series. This model features a backlit LCD DIALOG-DISPLAY that offers interactive operation in easy-to-read text, integrated programmer (6 x 60 program steps) with a real time clock, an RS232 / RS485 interface, and is switchable between read outs in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.