Used TA Instruments DSC Q20 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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Manufacturer: Model: DSC Q20 Differential Scanning CalorimeterSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The TA Instruments Q20 is a robust differential scanning calorimeter ideal for frequent, general-purpose use. It relies heavily on its Tzero cell technology, carefully and symmetrically designed for flatter baselines and faster signal response by accounting for capacitance and resistance imbalances. Although completely capable and exceptional on its own, the base unit is compatible with multiple accessories for cooling and MDSC for an even wider range of applications.

Temperature range: ambient to 725 degrees Celsius
Temperature range with cooling accessories: -180 to 725 degrees Celsius
Dynamic measurement range: +/- 350 mW
Digital resolution: >0.04 microwatts
Sensitivity: 1.0 microwatts
Indium height/width (mW/degrees Celsius): 8.0

Item-Specific Notes:
No computer/software included.