Used Olympus IMT-2

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The Olympus IMT-2 is an inverted microscope capable of a number of imaging techniques. As an inverted microscope, the operator is given the ability to image and observe microorganisms in a more natural environment in their vessels or dishes, thus eliminating the need for placing specimen on slides. This microscope comes with the ability for imaging in bright field and phase contrast.
The IMT-2 is built with a 6 position revolving nosepiece. Illumination is provided by a halogen light bulb. This instrument is equipped with a plain flat stage with round insert. It also has a very desirable side-by-side Discussion tube with dual binocular bodies. ( 2 eyepieces for the second binocular are not included.) Imaging through cameras is also made possible by front and side camera ports.

Item-Specific Notes:
Included components:
– large flat stage plate
– (2) WHK 10X/20 mm FOV eyepieces
– side-by-side dual-viewing tube with 2 binocular bodies
– S Plan 5PL/0.13
– S Plan 10X PL/0.30
– LWD CD Plan 20X PL/0.40 CORR
– LWD CD Plan 40X PL/0.60 CORR
– 6 V, 30 W halogen illuminator with built-in power supply
– ULWCD 0.30 long-working distance turret-type brightfield/phase contrast condenser